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                    I was raised 2 be a young man with Brains.                          Black Planet . com 

My passion 4 music is like no other.  I call myself talented with this music, because every sound that goes through that hard drive is from the heart. 

 I try 2 record music that'll catch your soul.  Lyrics that are motivating and inspiring.  I put what I feel  into the music.  No gimmick.

Every since kid I've been trying 2 find a way out of this world. I was lost until I listened and learned about rap/hip hop.  I express myself through it.  I'm hoping that one day this music that we all enjoy will change life.

Propain:  Creates Exceptional beats. Song writer.  Vocalists.        

                I have been doing these three things for 5 years and counting.  Holla at me.

            First Rap session was in Banneker High School Cafeteria.  9th grade. I was 4 years old.  From their I got addicted.  Now its a major part of my life.

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